do more for your mind

It's time to change the way we look after our minds.

Get out and about. Discover. Share. Overcome. Try new things. Explore nature. Create. Reflect. Grow. Do.

How does Minderful work?

1. We do the research

The biopsychosocial model of mental health tells us that when it comes to looking after our minds, we need activity and variety. Our bitesize audio clips make it easy to explore mental fitness ideas and why they're good for you.

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2. You do the discovery

Our ideas inspire you to do more for your mind. Our series support you as you make change happen. In time, we'll help you build a mental fitness routine that's unique to you.

3. Together, we create change

Our mission is to get millions of people doing more. Enjoying the real world, sharing their experiences, and cheering each other on. That's why when you join Minderful, you join a movement. A movement which believes in changing the way we look after our minds.

Do more for your mind.

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1000 ideas in your pocket.

What do you do to look after your mind? We searching for fresh ways to stay mentally fit.  Submit your idea, we’ll dig into the science why it makes you feel good and, if we really like it, we’ll put it on the app. 

Oh, and our design team will send you a bespoke badge. 

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Some kind words.

Minderful is a great resource that really helps with my mental fitness. Its range of articles, videos, etc. offer excellent insight into how you can take care of your mental health.


When my head is at its foggiest and I’m not sure how to fix it, Minderful’s simple ideas really help me get back on track.


I love the variety of Minderful's content - I always come away feeling like I want to try something new. Excited to see what's to come.


Minderful was created by Nick, James and Ed, three friends with very different lived experiences of mental health. They've each overcome their own challenges through the power of doing.

In our disconnected digital age, they knew it was time to help people get back into the real world and change the way they look after their minds.

Meet the team

Get inspired to do more.
Right here, right now.

#258: Daniel on rollerblading

Daniel rollerblades to stay focused and relaxed, giving him a sense of release and consistency that aids his mental fitness.

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#272: Ifigeneia on sporting challenges

15 Nov • 2 mins

Ifigeneia maintains a healthy mind by staying creative and taking on sporting challenges.

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#200: Stephie on hot bubble baths

18 Aug • 2 mins

Stephie's mental fitness go-to is making time to sink into a hot bath full of bubbles.

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