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minderful adjective /maɪəl/ nurturing a state of good mental fitness

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So what is mental fitness?

Mental fitness is the practice of doing things that are good for your mind on a regular basis.

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Swim On The Wild Side

Calum Hudson • 5 blocks

These activies might feel familiar, but seeing them as mental fitness shows them in a new light.

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Thoughts, Emotions & Behaviour

Thoughts, emotions, and behaviours are connected, and all three deserve equal attention. Find out how and reflect on the cycle.

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Tidy Living

There's more to tidying up than meets the eye—and there's probably more behind that chest of drawers too. Let's declutter.

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The Pint Pot Model

The Pint Pot Model is the easiest way to illustrate why looking after our minds is so imporant. Learn more and get our top tips.

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Born Creative

Creativity is a mood-boosting, stress-reducing powerhouse that's completely free and available to all. No talent required.

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Mustafa Nuur - Building Community

All Mustafa wanted to do was share his unique story. But things took an unexpected turn and he became a beacon of compassion.

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The Change Triangle

Have you ever heard of the Change Triangle? This fascinating psychological concept can help us make sense of our inner worlds.

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Try reading this sentence in a whisper. Imagine the sound of pouring rice into a jar. Like that? Welcome to the world of ASMR.

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Unwind With A Hot Bath

Join us for an introduction to circadian rhythms, body cooling, and choosing the nicest scented candles for your evening routine.

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The Best Medicine

We're not afraid of clichés when they're right—laughter can do great things for our mind and mood. But why is it good for us?

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Stretch Away

Stretching isn't just for gym rats and athletes—you can do it anytime and anywhere. But what does it do for our mental fitness?

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Savour A Half Pint

In a special place between binge drinking and sobriety lies mindful drinking. Find out how one question can make a big difference.

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Stress. Stress. Stress.

Stress has been declared as one of the most widespread causes of chronic illness. But what is it, and how do we fight it?

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Hydrate Yourself

How much water have you drunk today? Staying hydrated is a great way to stay on top of a small fit habit, and more.

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Focus Pocus

Focus used to be associated with strain, with arduous labour, but we've all had it wrong—let's put the focus on focus.

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Fearne Cotton - Back-Pocket Toolkit

In Fearne's own words: 'There is no one cure.' the TV-turned-podcast host has a brilliant toolkit that helps her stay mind-fit.

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Life's For Sharing

If the idea of sharing your personal challenges with someone else makes you a little uncomfortable, then this block is for you.

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A Busy Mind

A small philosophical exploration into the values of modern societies that contribute to increasing levels of stress and anxiety.

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Some of the best things in life are free, and self-massage is one of them. Join us for a chat about the benefits and techniques.

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Remember Relaxation?

Being able to relax in the twenty-first century feels like a superpower. But it doesn't have to be—we've got plenty of tips.

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The Sacred Hour

We explore the concept of a sacred hour—which is a lot simpler than it sounds—and the impact it can have on your day.

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Michael Phelps: Physical And Mental Fitness

Michael's story is a great example of how physical strength and achievements don't translate into mental fitness. But what does?

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Just Moodscope It

Moodscope is an app that lets you track you mood in detail. We've given it a go and here's what we found out.

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Strong People Are Soft

Today, we look beyond that perception that vulnerability is something to be avoided and try to use it for growth.

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Love To Sleep

Sleep is essential, sleep is urgent, and sleep is a priority. Let's talk about how to put sleep first and improve it for good.

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Mimi Anderson: Anorexia to Endurance Athlete

Mimi's story proves that trying out new things can sometimes snowball into a life-altering passion. Care for a run?

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Feeding Our Minds

Fact—food is important for our mental fitness, and you can improve it by changing what you eat, and what you eat.

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Andy Murray: A Self-Discovery Success Story

Andy Murray's journey of self-discovery is a great example of how bad circumstances can sometimes bring the best out of us...

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Happy Houseplanting

It's a universally accepted fact that houseplants can make any room look better. But we're here to discover what else they can do.

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Log Out

All things in moderation' is a great guiding principle and we believe it should apply to screen time—so we compiled some tips.

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Reading Is Good

Reading is one of the craziest things people can do. It gives us knowledge, pleasure, and relaxation—so why don't we read more?

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Go Treat Yourself

We rarely hesitate to treat our loved ones, so why do we think twice before doing something for ourselves?

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The Power of Breathing

Observing the way you breathe and changing it can have unexpected consequences on your mind. Join us for some beginners' tips.

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Moving Mindfully

We talk about exercise fatigue and ways to bring mindfulness into it. Find out how to bring mental and physicall fitness together.

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Love You

More than just a buzzword, self-care is taking the world by storm—and we're glad to see it. Learn more about it and try it out.

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Flow Through Life

Unavoidable daily chores can be a real hassle, but what would happen if we changed the way we engage with them?

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Imperfection Is Bliss

We're done with perfection—and you should be too. Let's talk about a better way to stay productive and be proud of your process.

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Henry Fraser - Paralysis To Artist

As part of our mission to find inspiring mental fitness journeys, we'd like to introduce you to Henry's rediscovery of art.

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The Wonder Of Habit

One little habit is sometimes enough to help us get through tough times. Explore our favourites and give one of them a go.

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Tune Into Radio You

What if we told you that listening to your emotions might make you happier? Join us as we explore the psychology behind it.

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Forest Bathing

A quick introduction to the Japanese practice of forest bathing and a few tips on how to make it a part of your mental fitness.

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A Real Goal Setter

Not all goals are made equal. Find out what makes good goals an essential part of mental fitness and learn how to set them.

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Lucky Me

Practising gratitude costs nothing, and it can have a profound effect on how we experience life. Learn more.

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Goodbye Comfort Zone

The comfort zone might be a cosy place but is it too cosy to stay there forever? We discuss the meaning of pushing our boundaries.

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A Life Of Joy

We explore the idea of joy as one of our fundamental emotions and learn about what happens when we try to seek it out.

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Even looking for a new hobby can have surprisingly positive effects on our wellbeing—but what happens when you pick one up?

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Serious Litter Picker

Going out to pick up litter combines some of our favourite mindful activities and fills you with purpose. But how?

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Failure Is Good

Failure is one of the finest teachers out there. It can teach you to do better next time, but what else can it do?

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Brave A Cold Shower

This one might sound unpleasant, but there are lots of hidden benefits of taking an occasional cold shower. Find out why.

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Walking in the Rain

Impossibly simple, intriguing, yet obvious. Explore the benefits of using rain as a tool for seizing the moment.

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What Is Mental Fitness?

Let's get back to basics—this block is all about what mental fitness really is. Helpful tips on how to use our blocks included.

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After wrestling with bipolar throughout their twenties, Nick and James learned the hard way that optimising their mental fitness had a hugely positive impact on their lives.

Ed meanwhile worked for years in a corporate environment and saw countless friends and colleagues suffer from burnout.

They realised that mental fitness should be a priority for all, and knew from experience that taking action early can prevent suffering in the long run. So they created Minderful.

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